The Author

Terence Kearey

Terence Kearey spent his industrial life as an artist and colour consultant, finally as a Studio Manager. Leaving industry, lectured at The London College of Printing, there, specialised in all aspects of pre-printing technology... designing and teaching the first advanced course in Colour Appreciation.

Writing technical papers on artwork preparation for printing magazines here and in Russia afforded a venture into the World of publications. In his second year sat a Teaching and College of Preceptor's qualifications... later, coming a qualified Youth leader and Victim support councillor developed insights into, the then, current youth culture, and the psychological needs of the victims of crime.

Taking early retirement, opened a gallery and studio both here and in Spain… accepting commissions as a watercolour artist, whilst working as a full-time portrait painter. Finally, retiring from professional work, writes instructional booklets for The Weald & Downland Museum.

Subjects: Single chairs, Wattle and Daub, Hedges & Hurdles, Physics of Light, Recognition of Prints, Pastures to Parkland, and Icons. These books - give time and place to the past, and an increased understanding of social history and rural life.

Terence is a qualified Badminton Coach and an advanced downhill skier.

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