Irish Clan

Irish Clan History

In ancient Irish times, if you wished to survive interclan strife and usurping raiders, it was sensible to live inland – some distance from navigational rivers - up in the hills, on barren land - away from greedy neighbours and raiding Norsemen. If you did that, it was still not quite enough, for you had to be wily and shrewd. The O’Ciardha [Keary] land bordered Loch Derg and the River Shannon’s southern shore. The land included loch-side and lowland grassland and upland mineral bearing hills - all in today’s northern Tipperary County. The neighbours to the west were the O’Carroll’s and to the east, the O’Kennedys… boxed in by the O’Meara, to the south. Follow a line… up the river Shannon round King’s County then across to Dublin, you separate Ireland roughly in half – lands of the southern and northern O’Neill’s. This is a story about an ancient clan – part of the Ciarraige tribe.

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Setting the scene.
I. LAND OF CLANS: - The Bronze Age – Stockade settlements - Lake-dwellings - Pole houses - Cooking over an open fire - European - Celtic language - Cruithni, 'painted people' - Niall - Ciarraige People - The end of the heroic age - Irish Sagas - Bards - Brehon - Ui Neill - Ciar Culdub
II. THE COMING OF CHRISTIANITY: - First bishop 431 - St Enda - St Patrick - Gildas - Abbots chosen from the founder - Ireland's premier church of Armagh - Ciaran, Clonmacnoise monastery - Monastic communities - Cashel - Columba - Ptolemy - Christian writings - Latin
III. KING DUIBHREA: - Religious daughter - Ciar - Abbess, Nunnery founded in Upper Ormond - Bishop of Killaloe - Kilkeary - Abbey River - Lough Derg - Columba - Annals of the Four Masters - Book of the MacEgans - Ciar Canonized St Ciardha - O'Cary King of Carbery
IV. CLAN O'CIARDHA: - Death of Ua Ciardhatighearna Coipre - Bribing Maelsheachlainn O'Ciardha - Brian Boru - Mael Sechnaill II High King - The Ostmen remain - Clain O'Ciardha loose political power - Capital Limerick - Murchertach divides up Ireland - Giolla Ciaran dies
V. UNDER ONE KING: - Anglo Irish Lords - The Palisade - Thomas, Lord Offaly - Hugh O'Niell - Spanish help - Dermot O'Ciardha of Offaly - Presidencies in Munster - Rebellion - Defeat of Tyrone - The Irish Lords submit - Reformation - Restoration and Anglicisation - To the hills
VI. THOMAS O'CIARDHA: - Branch of Cahoill family of Connaught, Thomas Braintreadhachd - St Fechin's Abbey - Three sons - Orangemen Cromwellian plantations - Old ways die - Parish of Kilkeary - Churchyard - Limerick holds out - Treaty - Carey of Legbourne - Confiscations - Irish Bridage
VII. CONVERCION & COERCION:- The poor majority - High rents, Dianiel O'Cary - Irish immigration to America - Penal Laws - Relief Act - American Independence War - Agricultural Crisis - Cotton weaving - United people - New agitation - Act of Union - Sailing from Dublin